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The Pothole Pros asphalt repair process uses infrared rays in order to heat existing asphalt in-place. Infrared rays are not visible to the human eye but are located between red and microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Similar to microwaves, infrared rays produce heat deep inside an object and it is this characteristic that allows us to get deep penetration asphalt repair without causing burning, scaling, or separation of the asphalt from the aggregate.
In order to create the infrared rays, premixed gas and air are delivered under pressure to energy converters. The materials used in the converters combined with specific engineering procedures generate the maximum amount of rays with minimum convection heat produced. The rays are then channeled to the desired location through a series of reflective panels. The higher the concentration of rays directed to a specific area, the deeper the penetration and the more uniform the softening process is. Also, as much of the convection heat as possible is disposed of through louvers.

View our demonstration video and you’ll see the converters are lowered from the rear of our repair vehicle and are fueled from propane tanks. These same tanks fuel our on-board asphalt holding units.  It’s these holding units that allow us to carry and maintain a ready supply of hot and fresh asphalt, even with cold outside air temperatures.
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Pothole Report is designed to help you better understand asphalt repair and how you can address your parking lot or other asphalt repair needs in the most effective manner. It also provides with you latest specials in asphalt repair that Pothole Pros has to offer.

Pothole Pros is one of the first companies to make infrared asphalt repair technology available to the Washington D.C. Metro area. This is truly a breakthrough in the asphalt repair and maintenance industry. This solution is longer lasting, faster, available in cold temperatures and 80% greener for our environment… and less expensive!
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