Pothole Pros - Infrared Asphalt Repair

Parking Lot &
Roadway Managers

Benefits of Infrared
Asphalt Repair Process

• Permanent patch with no seams
• Can be completed 365 days a year
  (Yes, even in the dead of Winter)
• Less disruption
  (1 truck, 2 technicians)
• 1/3 less than the cost of
  traditional repairs
• 80% more environmentally friendly
• No more temporary cold patch

Pothole Pros is proud to be one of the first to make the infrared asphalt repair technology available to the Washington D.C. Metro area.  This is truly a breakthrough in the asphalt repair and maintenance industry.  It’s not very often that a solution is discovered that is longer lasting, faster, available even in cold temperatures and is actually 80% greener for our environment….all while being less expensive!

Now you can stop wasting your budget on a constant cycle of replacing temporary cold patch!

Based out of Southern Maryland, Pothole Pros has offices in Waldorf and Fort Washington.  We can assess and repair your parking lots and roadways throughout Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia.  Give us a call and our asphalt repair specialists will help you determine the best solution for your needs and budget. Pothole Pros is a sister company of Seal Pros and Paving providing seal coating, asphalt and concrete paving, line striping, curb stops and snow removal.  Together we are your complete solution for asphalt installation and long term maintenance in the D.C. Metro area.
Pothole Pros Infrared Asphalt Repair